Cancon 2018 Post-Game!

Well holy heck, that was a weekend! Cancon 2018 is done with and we’re now moving forwards, but we’re doing so with lighter stock boxes than we thought: Turns out we sold out (almost) completely of LFG – Looking For Group, our newest game! We found one final copy in the cleanup after we were […]

Cancon LFG Launch (with free bonus!)

Hi folks! A lot of you may already know that we’re headed to Cancon this weekend for their 40th anniversary event. But did you also know that while we’re there, we’re launching our newest game, LFG – Looking For Group? One of our cutest titles ever, this is a fantasy drafting game where you’re trying […]

Café Romantica – Errata and Update

Hi folks, and welcome to our first errata post for a game. How exciting! There are two main issues to address for our recent release, Café Romantica. Firstly, we’ve discovered a misprint in the v1.0 printing of this game. One variant of the Energetic host has a cost of 3, and the other 5 variants […]


Next up,we have our $25/$30 games! These are the big games, the heavy hitters, the ones that I’d best hold up as ‘gamer’s games.’   Cafe Romantica This is a builder game where, instead of crafting a business or an empire or a market or anything like that, you’re running a club full of cute boys. […]


Reality of life: The Pacific Ocean sucks. American friends: You are fine. Canadians, too. Shipping within the USA and to Canada is reasonably cheap for our games. Canadians, if you’re horrified by the rates you pay and still think those aren’t ‘relatively cheap’ I hope you now understand just how much more expensive our stuff […]

Sneaky Peeky: 3-CHAIN and Escape Code!

Hey friends! Want a peek at some of the stuff we’re working on for now? I’ve got a trio of games made for my Nephews, with a focus on games where they don’t need to read, and also, crucially, don’t need to talk. I have after all, a sister, and she doesn’t want to have […]

October Launch! SECTOR 86!

Keep your ears on and listen for the signal, friends, because it’s time for our October game launch – SECTOR 86! Sector 86 is a single-deck card game, modelled after the idea of running a space station in deep space, where ships come in, ships go out, and you’re managing the communication network, collecting fees, […]