Special News! Early Ordering For Christmas!

Hey friends! Are you interested in getting some of our games for your friends for Christmas?

If you’re familiar with our work you’ll know that we release a new game every month. Well, this November, we’ve already released Escape Code, a game of inept spies trying to hide and reveal their identities through super subtle signalling and careful word choice. But what about December? Well, come December, chances are good you’re going to be busy – and we have something special for that, and we’re going to release it a tiny bit early

Sort of.

This December, we’re going to officially release C-QNS, Nobeard’s Treasure, and Yes Chef! These three games are very special to me, as a designer, because they’re games that came about because they were all designed, in part, with the help of my young nephews.


C-QNS is an abstract strategy game where you’re trying to empty your little deck of cards and set up combinations. It’s designed to be very easily grasped by young kids, but also have a lot of strategic depth so they can learn about planning ahead, without being too easy for adults to play with them.

Nobeard’s Treasure

Nobeard’s Treasure is another builder game where you’re constructing a treasure map that can lead you to an overwhelming prize. This is a game about pattern recognition and being able to count up to a number, but also you can have a lot of fun just watching the map take shape under your hands.



Yes Chef!

And finally Yes Chef! is a fast paced matching game which is about recognising symbols quickly and reacting to changing conditions. It’s a game with a speed element, but also you’re penalised for making mistakes, so it’s not as simple as fastest-hand-wins.

So have a look! See what you think of the games that were co-designed by some actual kids! If you’re interested, though, we wanted to make sure these games were easy to get in time to take to Christmas and play with at Christmas – and so? We’re announcing the INVINCIBLE INK 2017 FAMILY FUN BUNDLE, which knocks some money off the price and lets you get our December Games a full month in advance!

The games are good to go – you can order them and buy them and they will arrive in your house! If you’re hoping to wrap them as Christmas presents, they take about three weeks to arrive to Australia and a bit less to Canada, and a lot less to the mainland USA! So check ’em out, and let us know what you think!

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