Month: August 2017

SMASH 2017 Wrap-Up and Thank You!

First of all, and most importantly… thank you! We just got back from a full weekend, with our friends at Ex-Manus, at Smash 2017 at the Rosehill race-course, where we sold art, bookmarks, phone danglers, fandom junk and of course, we sold a bunch of our original games! We did pleasantly well, we are happy […]

Sneaky Peeky! Cafe Romantica Tucks!

Yes indeed, they’re here! If you want to get your hands on a sweet little game for 1-4 players where you roll die, build a club, and have a gaggle of cute smoochable boys under your thumb, you’ll get your chance to buy them, for the first time, at SMASH 2017! Come see us! Come […]