Month: July 2017

The Allure Of Stock Art

I love me some stock art. Stock art is this special kind of work to me because I don’t know, I think it’s because I love lego? Let me explain. Lego, you don’t have perfect lego pices for every vision you have in mind. You may have an idea, get some lego pieces together, then […]

The July Development Blitz!

I don’t know if you’ve been following me on Twitter (don’t go to Twitter, it’s a silly place), but this past month I have been, to say the least, pretty busy. I don’t like building hype for games that aren’t really available to buy just yet, but here’s a quick newsy rundown for what this […]

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Pricing Challenges

Let’s talk about MONEY! No, really, let’s talk about money and how it makes everything super awkward. After a lot of teething issues, we here at Invincible Ink broke our games into four categories: Pay-What-You-Want games, $10 games, $15 games, and $25 games on DriveThruCards. Originally I wanted our games to be $10 or $25, […]

Boxes: Tuck Vs Shell

If you’ve bought any of our products from us or DriveThruCards (and you should, because that’s cool, and makes us money and is one of many ways to show your support for small independent game companies), you might have been asked about boxes. If you’ve bought a game from us in person, you probably got […]