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Hey there folks! Some of you have been waiting literally months for this, so it’s time to announce the launch of Burning Daylight. Burning Daylight is a hand management game, where you’ll command a gang of rough-neck punks living in abandoned malls, after the fall of late capitalism where the only thing you have to […]

Café Romantica – Errata and Update

Hi folks, and welcome to our first errata post for a game. How exciting! There are two main issues to address for our recent release, Café Romantica. Firstly, we’ve discovered a misprint in the v1.0 printing of this game. One variant of the Energetic host has a cost of 3, and the other 5 variants […]

October Launch! SECTOR 86!

Keep your ears on and listen for the signal, friends, because it’s time for our October game launch – SECTOR 86! Sector 86 is a single-deck card game, modelled after the idea of running a space station in deep space, where ships come in, ships go out, and you’re managing the communication network, collecting fees, […]

Boom! September Releases!

Hey friends! It’s September, and that means we here at Invincible Ink have a bunch of new games for you to check out! In fact, we’ve been so creative and prolific these few months that we’re doing three totally different types of release! Let’s run down them real quick! Skulk! Holy and Knuckles! We have […]

Sneaky Peeky! Cafe Romantica Tucks!

Yes indeed, they’re here! If you want to get your hands on a sweet little game for 1-4 players where you roll die, build a club, and have a gaggle of cute smoochable boys under your thumb, you’ll get your chance to buy them, for the first time, at SMASH 2017! Come see us! Come […]

The Allure Of Stock Art

I love me some stock art. Stock art is this special kind of work to me because I don’t know, I think it’s because I love lego? Let me explain. Lego, you don’t have perfect lego pices for every vision you have in mind. You may have an idea, get some lego pieces together, then […]

Pricing Challenges

Let’s talk about MONEY! No, really, let’s talk about money and how it makes everything super awkward. After a lot of teething issues, we here at Invincible Ink broke our games into four categories: Pay-What-You-Want games, $10 games, $15 games, and $25 games on DriveThruCards. Originally I wanted our games to be $10 or $25, […]

Boxes: Tuck Vs Shell

If you’ve bought any of our products from us or DriveThruCards (and you should, because that’s cool, and makes us money and is one of many ways to show your support for small independent game companies), you might have been asked about boxes. If you’ve bought a game from us in person, you probably got […]