Member Sites

Invincible Ink is a tiny circle of independent artists and game developers whose work
focuses on inclusivity, diversity and cute anime junk. Feel free to visit our members’
sites, check out our games or buy our great stuff!

  • The Square Fireball
    Fox & Talen’s setting-agnostic homebrew content for D&D4e
  • Skies of Escarnum
    Fox’s homebrew D&D4e sourcebook/setting
  • She Bites
    The generally SFW site of designer/ illustrator Fox Lee
  • Carousal
    The definitely NSFW site of designer/ illustrator Fox Lee (ADULTS ONLY)

Who We Are

Talen Lee's v-tuber style Avatar

It’s Talen Lee! He’s our lead rules developer and an academic in the game space. When he’s not making media, he is using it as a lens through which to study, well, everything.

Fox Lee's "Art Gremblin" V-tuber Avatar on an Autochorissexual pride flag background

A wild Fox Lee appeared! This weird asexual goblin is our lead artist, visual designer, and web server overlord. Her username is often taken so she’s also known as The Art Gremblin.