Freight Expectations

There’s a pair of cities on a little looping shipping lane. Each city is ridiculous, and the goods they demand, to buy and sell, are equally ridiculous. But where ridiculous people spend money, there’s money to be made, and you have the ship and they have the goods.

In Freight Expectations, you’re in charge of a freighter, picking up shipping containers of goods from one town, and taking them to the other. Goods prices fluctuate based on what’s for sale in one town or the other, and that fluctuation can change your value in auctions and the time you leave port, all while you deal with weather and strange exotic goods for transport.

Each turn, you’ll sell goods you have (if you want), buy goods in auction (if you want), then load them onto your ship in a way that makes them more easily accessed (if you can) when you travel across the bay to the next city, to do the same thing all over again. You can build your ship out, go for a bigger and broader ship, or try the challenge of stacking a vessel high as possible.  

Freight Expectations comes in one deck of 120 cards, and everything you need is in the box – a heavy trading game that you can stick in your bag and play conveniently when you find you have the time. A big game in a small box, it serves groups from 2 to 6 in size, and can even be extended easily to longer play sessions if you find you want to make longer and more careful plans.