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Sayonara, Comic Gong 2020

So, we just got the announcement we knew was probably inevitable, but were dreading anyway; due to COVID-19, Comic Gong has been cancelled for this year. Of course, we commend the organisers for making responsible decisions about public safety—but boy are we bummed out to be missing one of our biggest conventions, especially with similar […]

Comic-Gong Aftermath!

Hi there, everyone! Did you have fun at Comic-Gong? We did. We’re just packing down and wanted to share some stuff about what happened, and what might be coming up! First of all, wow, thank you so much for your support! One of the things with having a huge library of games for sale, is […]

Cancon 2018 Post-Game!

Well holy heck, that was a weekend! Cancon 2018 is done with and we’re now moving forwards, but we’re doing so with lighter stock boxes than we thought: Turns out we sold out (almost) completely of LFG – Looking For Group, our newest game! We found one final copy in the cleanup after we were […]

Cancon LFG Launch (with free bonus!)

Hi folks! A lot of you may already know that we’re headed to Cancon this weekend for their 40th anniversary event. But did you also know that while we’re there, we’re launching our newest game, LFG – Looking For Group? One of our cutest titles ever, this is a fantasy drafting game where you’re trying […]

SMASH 2017 Wrap-Up and Thank You!

First of all, and most importantly… thank you! We just got back from a full weekend, with our friends at Ex-Manus, at Smash 2017 at the Rosehill race-course, where we sold art, bookmarks, phone danglers, fandom junk and of course, we sold a bunch of our original games! We did pleasantly well, we are happy […]

Sneaky Peeky! Cafe Romantica Tucks!

Yes indeed, they’re here! If you want to get your hands on a sweet little game for 1-4 players where you roll die, build a club, and have a gaggle of cute smoochable boys under your thumb, you’ll get your chance to buy them, for the first time, at SMASH 2017! Come see us! Come […]

Cancon 2017 Wrap-Up

Hi folks! We’re home and unwinding after an extraordinary long weekend at Cancon 2017. We had a fantastic time, met lots of lovely neighbours, and brought home some exciting new toys. We were delighted to see how many families there were, sharing their love of games with the kids – it’s wonderful to see how […]