About: Fox Lee

Fox Lee's "Art Gremblin" V-tuber Avatar on an Autochorissexual pride flag background

A wild Fox Lee appeared! This weird asexual goblin is our lead artist, visual designer, and web server overlord. Her username is often taken so she’s also known as The Art Gremblin.

Where to find Fox

Fox posts creative work at her personal site, She Bites. (Unfortunately it really needs an update—she swears she will get onto it soon.) Or, if you’re an adult and you want the horny version instead, you might prefer its NSFW mirror Carousal (warning: contains explicit content). She also maintains an anime-flavoured D&D4e setting, Skies of Escarnum, which does actually get updated with some frequency.

If you want to follow Fox on social media or join in her streams, you can find her on your preferred platform (as long as it’s not Twitter or Facebook!) below.