We’re ActivityPub enabled! (we think)

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Hi folks! Fox here with an exciting update to our site functionality.

Up until now, we’ve been using an auto-posting plugin to share our updates via the Invincible Ink Twitter account (alongside other sites like Facebook and Tumblr). It’s worked pretty well, but with the declaration that Twitter’s API will no longer be available for such services, we have to assume that’s now over.

Honestly, it’s no big loss—Talen and had both already decided that Twitter was no longer a safe or productive platform to be on, and moved to decentralised/non-corporate-ownable social media like Mastodon (incidentally, you can find us at @Talen_Lee and @TheArtGremblin). The Invincible Ink Twitter was already due to go the same way as soon as I got around to it, so this really just moved up the timeline.

(If you’re curious, Facebook is more or less the same story—which is why you’ll find only auto-posted updates there.)

The exciting news is that rather than create a Mastodon account for the Invincible Ink site to post updates, we now have the ability to implement ActivityPub right here, on the blog. That is to say, as of today you should be able to use your account on any major fediverse service to follow @updates@www.invincible.ink to add Invincible Ink updates to your feed! (Currently the supported list includes Mastodon, Pleroma, Friendica, HubZilla, Pixelfed, SocialHome and Misskey.)

The implementation is still in beta at this stage, but it seems to work—so please, if you’re interested in our game launches, art, dev blogging, and general indie creator musings, we’d love if you would follow along and/or share us with others who may be interested! We know the Twitter implosion has been hard for a lot of folks, but we’re very excited for a possible return to a more open web, where the social spaces people rely on can’t simply be bought and ruined by awful people with too much money.

Finally, thank you for your attention! We exist pretty much entirely for the love of making and sharing our creative endeavours, so your support means the world to us 🙂

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  1. @Updates Just gonna test how this works?

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