2D D&D Miniatures—Ready at Last!

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It’s been a long wait for our latest prototype from The Gamecrafter—understandable, since we ordered them just before the world turned a bit topsy-turvy! But on Friday they finally made it safely through the postal system of both countries and to our door.

And boy is it exciting this time! We’ve finally worked out the bugs with our fit issues (really, it was Fox’s fault for assuming 3mm acrylic would be 3mm thick!). That means our adorable D&D babies are finally ready to grace your tabletop in glorious 25mm scale!

That’s not all, though; we’ve also got all 23 LFG: Looking For Group characters as 25mm-scale PCs!

It’s probably not clear in the photos, but the print and general quality on these really is fantastic! The artwork is sharp and clear, which is especially impressive since the original drawings had to be scaled down quite a bit, even taking print resolution into account. We’re absolutely delighted with it.

Since we had the acrylics being postage so far already, we took the opportunity to include a test print of Gamecrafter’s “Stout” box, using a pretty simple variant on our current banner image:

It’s such a nice box! It’s really solid and feels great to heft at this size. And the production quality is, again, really fantastic. So far our expenses have only gone far enough to make card-only games, and the occasional handmade/composed special edition. But we do want the freedom to design with more varied components now and then, and seeing these in person really fuels the desire to make something more complex, probably by way of a crowdfunding campaign.

In any case—we’re thrilled with Gamecrafter’s work and really excited to finally have all the kinks worked out. As you may have guessed, Gamecrafter isn’t able to fulfil orders right now, given everything that’s happening. But, when things are back to normal, we can’t wait to offer these adorable 2D minis to our fans at conventions and in our online shop!

Hope we’ll see you then 🙂

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