Straight Outta Tucson—Desert Bus Game Jam 2022

Straight Outta Tucson (Desert Bus For Hope Game Jam 2022) title card

Shuffle up and deal out this card game about the memes and moments of Desert Bus For Hope 2022! Every turn you’re going to draw two cards and decide which one you want to keep for yourself and which you’re going to hand to the next player. You want to collect cards from each shift, and lay them out in order in an attempt to collect as many Donations as possible, all while messing with your opponents through sticking them with bad choices for their hand!

The game’s a simple one-deck game where you shuffle just once, and then draw a small number of cards at a time. It works for two or more players, but with only two players, it can get very long, and with more than five players, players might struggle to interact with one another.

Straight Outta Tucson was made for the Desert Bus Game Jam 2022 and is free to download and print! Get it here and share it with everybody!