The Allure Of Stock Art

I love me some stock art.

Stock art is this special kind of work to me because I don’t know, I think it’s because I love lego? Let me explain. Lego, you don’t have perfect lego pices for every vision you have in mind. You may have an idea, get some lego pieces together, then put them into a shape you like, and see how far it falls from the vision. But in doing, you’ve now seen new ways you can use your pieces, and you may see new ways to make them fit.

There’s this phrase I’ve heard, finding it as you make it. For me, I love finding as I make; I love getting some pieces together to chase an idea and then see if I have what I wanted to make, or if I’ve found something else. Sometimes this works out really well – Pie Crimes is almost a perfect representation of the idea I started with – and sometimes this takes me into some really interesting, odd places, like Fabricators.

Viva la Stock Art. It’s a way to give some money to creators for their work, but it’s also a way to play with pieces, and make something out of someone else’s work as well, and I really love that.

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