Café Romantica is on the way – and so are tuck boxes!

Cafe Romantica charming boy card preview

Oh my gosh folks, it’s happening! 😀 Café Romantica took an epic amount of art and mastering a few new skills, but it’s finally complete. We’ll be getting our first copies in a few weeks, and that means we’re on track for our release at SMASH! 2017. If (like me) you can’t get enough of beautiful boys in fancy uniforms, then this is the game for you!

It’s also a landmark for another reason:

Cafe Romantica tuck box design previewYup, Café Romantica will be our first ever game to come with a beautiful fully printed tuck box! 😀 We’ve chatted with a lot of you, and the result is that while the two-piece Ultra Pro boxes are okay, most of you would prefer a one-piece printed box. We really appreciate the feedback!

It’s not just going to be new games – our older games in appropriate sizes will also be taking advantage of DriveThru Cards’ new tuckbox options. Check out a pretty summer Foxtail box below 😀

Foxtail tuckbox design preview

Unfortunately, there are no options yet for smaller printed deckboxes – as in, the right size for Senpai, The Botch, and the rest of our super slim $10 range. These games will have to stay in acrylic boxes for now – but don’t worry, we’re working on it!

So that’s all from us. If you want to know more about Café Romantica, or our plans for SMASH, stay tuned to our Twitter @Invincible_Ink for ongoing announcements (and possibly a special new release discount!). Thanks for reading!

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