October Launch! SECTOR 86!

Keep your ears on and listen for the signal, friends, because it’s time for our October game launch – SECTOR 86!

Sector 86 is a single-deck card game, modelled after the idea of running a space station in deep space, where ships come in, ships go out, and you’re managing the communication network, collecting fees, and hiring mercenaries to crew your station, fulfill contracts, and, sometimes, deal with the hazards and quandraries in the sector.

Functionally, Sector 86 is a push-your-luck game, with one big deck; you don’t need other assets or counters, just a space to play, but unlike other single-deck games we’ve made, like say, Murder Most Fowl, it’s more of a simulation, a builder that’s also got some of the eurogame puzzle to it. Players are competing to be the first to win, but nobody’s going to need to be the villain at the table.

You can check out Sector 86 on our product page! If you’re interested in doing a how-to video or want to do a product review, let us know and we’ll see what we can do for you~!

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