Sneaky Peeky: 3-CHAIN and Escape Code!

Hey friends! Want a peek at some of the stuff we’re working on for now?

I’ve got a trio of games made for my Nephews, with a focus on games where they don’t need to read, and also, crucially, don’t need to talk. I have after all, a sister, and she doesn’t want to have to deal with kids raising their voice to play their games. So what we have here is the work-in-progress of the abstract building game, 3-CHAIN. More on this as it comes, but I super dig the little abstract design we’ve used to provide colour indicators!

Also check out these cold-war inspired cards for the upcoming paidic hidden identity game of super-paranoid overly-saturated spy scenarios, Escape Code! we’ll have more of this game as we get going, and maybe we’ll even have a chance to stream or show off how the game plays!

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