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Reality of life: The Pacific Ocean sucks.

American friends: You are fine. Canadians, too. Shipping within the USA and to Canada is reasonably cheap for our games. Canadians, if you’re horrified by the rates you pay and still think those aren’t ‘relatively cheap’ I hope you now understand just how much more expensive our stuff is. Either way: Stuff you order today will arrive before Christmas. You have leeway.

If you live in Australia, Malaysia, Japan or any of the countries on the far side of the Pacific Ocean, shipping gets harder, and if you want something quick, you’ll want to get something that we, the Invincible Ink team, have in stock. Unfortunately, our stock update has been delayed, so we’re in the unenviable position of just not having a lot of stuff that’s recent. The plan is our next major restock should happen in time for Cancon, so we’re considering doing like a digital sale for that weekend too, a Change The Date Sale.

That means that if you’re looking for games like Fabricators, Good Cop Bear Cop, Escape Code, C-QNS, Yes Chef!, Nobeard’s Treasure, or Sector 86, you need to order them really soon from DriveThruCards, and they will probably get to you in time. Order now~!

The UK is the wild west, for me: I don’t know anything about those shipping times or costs. I’m dreadfully sorry.

But that’s our part #1! Just knowing where you are is a useful stepping stone for how you need to approach things.

Next up! We’re going to do three posts explaining which games are for which people, based on price bracket!

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