Cancon 2018 Post-Game!

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Well holy heck, that was a weekend!

Cancon 2018 is done with and we’re now moving forwards, but we’re doing so with lighter stock boxes than we thought: Turns out we sold out (almost) completely of LFG – Looking For Group, our newest game! We found one final copy in the cleanup after we were putting boxes away. That’s not all though – we also sold out of physical copies of The Suits and almost out of first-edition printings of Crowdfund This, as well as getting copies out there of our heavier games Cafe Romantica, Fabricators and Sector 86… which I now notice doesn’t have a webpage yet. Gotta go fix that, note to self.

This was the first showing for some of these games at a convention so we’re super happy that you all liked them so much!

Next convention we’ll be hitting will be our local one, Comic-Gong in May, at which we expect to have another four game titles in the library. As always, follow us for every game release and we’ll tell you what’s coming as we go. We learned a lot this weekend, and got some great ideas. We’re looking into different boxing solutions for our very small games and instruction cards, video tutorials and audio tutorials for people who want to play the games without necessarily reading a book, as well as maybe giving revised box covers for some of our other games.

Either way, Cancon 2018 was a rousing success and we’re so thankful to all of you who checked out our stall!

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