Cancon LFG Launch (with free bonus!)

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LFG Cards Preview

Hi folks! A lot of you may already know that we’re headed to Cancon this weekend for their 40th anniversary event. But did you also know that while we’re there, we’re launching our newest game, LFG – Looking For Group?

One of our cutest titles ever, this is a fantasy drafting game where you’re trying to put together an adventuring party (hopefully without anyone getting killed in the tavern!). Play is deceptively simple, but surprisingly difficult as you try to plan out your draft picks to use their special abilities at exactly the right moment. (All that, AND your party can be led by a heroic dog!)

As a special bonus for folks who buy LFG at launch, we’ll be throwing in a postcard-sized promo print of your favourite character art. Visit the Invincible Ink trade table, located in the link corridor, to get yours! Of course, we have a limited supply, so come by early if you want to secure your favourite 🙂

Thanks for watching, have a great weekend, and hope to see you at Cancon 2018!

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