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Next up,we have our $25/$30 games! These are the big games, the heavy hitters, the ones that I’d best hold up as ‘gamer’s games.’   Cafe Romantica This is a builder game where, instead of crafting a business or an empire or a market or anything like that, you’re running a club full of cute boys. […]


Reality of life: The Pacific Ocean sucks. American friends: You are fine. Canadians, too. Shipping within the USA and to Canada is reasonably cheap for our games. Canadians, if you’re horrified by the rates you pay and still think those aren’t ‘relatively cheap’ I hope you now understand just how much more expensive our stuff […]

October Launch! SECTOR 86!

Keep your ears on and listen for the signal, friends, because it’s time for our October game launch – SECTOR 86! Sector 86 is a single-deck card game, modelled after the idea of running a space station in deep space, where ships come in, ships go out, and you’re managing the communication network, collecting fees, […]

Boom! September Releases!

Hey friends! It’s September, and that means we here at Invincible Ink have a bunch of new games for you to check out! In fact, we’ve been so creative and prolific these few months that we’re doing three totally different types of release! Let’s run down them real quick! Skulk! Holy and Knuckles! We have […]

Major Stock Updates!

Hi everybody! This is just a quick note to let you know that we’ve finally updated the online shop to contain our latest titles: Café Romantica, You Can’t Win, Fabricators and Queer Coding. These have been available at DriveThru Cards for some time, but for various reasons they hadn’t yet been added to our local […]

My Bad – Murder’s Most Fowl Rule

Hey, have you played Murder Most Fowl? Have you read the rulebook? Yeah, I’m sorry about that. Now this is just a simple game update: The rules for Murder Most Fowl have been updated in preparation for its second edition, bigger printing, which adds more cards, cleans up the visual template, makes the game a […]