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Congratulations on your purchase of a lovable culture of JEB-D Brand Grey Goo Nanobots! These exciting little digitised reproducers are always an educational treat to watch in action!

Grey Goo is a board game playable with conventional D6es and a chess or checker board, where you and your opponent play a replicating colony of nanobots, seeking to control enough of the medium you’re both growing in to take over the cell!

Physical Edition

Your physical edition of Grey Goo comes with a laminated game board and a full set of 16 dice (8 white and 8 black, in 15mm size).

Pay-What-You-Want Digital Edition

The digital edition of Grey Goo is a pay-what-you-want title! Feel free to download, enjoy, and share with your friends! If you like the game, you can tip us for however much you feel is appropriate 🙂

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