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Dog Bear?!

Dog bear?!


In the future, or possibly in the past, or maybe right now, we’re not entirely sure, the nationless soldiers of non-government entities engage in the covert wars that have defined our future while we use the power of memes to infiltrate the highest levels of something, we’re also again, not entirely sure. You are those soldiers, sitting down after a mission, playing poker, and explaining how the mess of a mission somehow resolved itself.

Designed to evoke the ridiculous plots of tropey, melodramatic modern military stealth and covert operation games, DOG BEAR is a game where you get a code name and a handful of quirks and play out a single session of lighthearted roleplay while trying to save, kill, trade or negotiate with enemies like Eco-Terrorists and Bitcoin Thieves.

Stay Ready, Soldier – and don’t forget your CQC.

DOG BEAR is a super-lightweight tabletop RPG designed for single-session games where the storyteller doesn’t need to do any planning ahead of time, nobody needs to keep track of their character sheets, and nobody needs any specialty dice. To get started in DOG BEAR you just need this rulebook, and a deck of 52 conventional playing cards.

If you want a game that can show people how roleplaying works without needing them to embrace a deep system of rules or get acquainted with a whole set of systems, then DOG BEAR is for you. If you want something lightweight to play with your funny friends after a bigger, more intense game, DOG BEAR is for you! If you want to play with character creation full of deliberately ridiculous over-the-top character quirks, boy howdy is DOG BEAR for you!

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  1. Lucas Cimon

    We tried this game with 3 friends this week.

    Overall, we loved the game ! We had a lot of fun, and from the very beginning at the characters creation phase :
    we draw 5 cards and look them up in a table, 2 cards defining our code name, while the 3 other hint at some of our quirks.
    Result four our PCs : _Steel Raptor_, _Chamelon Cat_ et _Threefold Devil_.

    The remainder of the game system is similar : simple and based on tables generating elements of the story.
    Our session, admittedly played full throttle, lasted only 90min. I think a game can easily last 3 to 4 hours
    by adjusting the number of cards in the River, but probably not much longer, and so this is a game that fits short RPG sessions.
    However it has great replayability, and if we weren’t short of time we were all ready to play another game !

    The session story was worth of a Metal Gear game scenario !
    Clearly the main inspiration of Dog Bear, this tabletop RPG embodies very well the spriti of tactical espionage,
    tense action and improbable plot twists of this video games series.
    Incidentally the GM role is to personify the PCs military superior named… The Boss.

    Personally, this is the one thing I loved the most about this game :
    the GM **plays** really a central character over the whole session, chatting with the PCs,
    sitting round a table in a military tent in the jungle were they are debriefing.
    And the GM’s position is totally different than their usual one in a tabletop RPG :
    I **wasn’t describing** to the PCs what they were seeing, I was **asking** what they saw !

    This is a very refreshing style of play !
    And the other players were very inspired, giving rise to a splendid scene where the main ennemy field operative reveals to be…
    the brother of one of the PCs ! This one is then tempted to flip side, but another PC decides to make him listen to reason
    and remind him of his duty… through a CQC fight bare-chested in the snow !

    The River system is well thought, symbolizing milestones of the mission and their difficulty,
    with linked tables to define the location, goal and annemy,
    and the ingenious rule with face-down cards allowing for unexpected plot twists.

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