Alright! This is your Wobbegong! Get busy!

What, you were expecting “The Great White” or “The Mako”? You must be thinking of some other sector of space. Out here you’re lucky you’re not driving a goanna.

Sure, it’s a bit temperamental. Don’t worry. You’ll get used to it in
 no time…


Welcome to the Australian Backwoods of the Intergalactic Empire

Wobbegong-12 is a manual dexterity game of piloting junky, indestructable space rovers (your cards) across the surface of a hostile planet (your table) with resources distributed by an incompetent galactic government (you and your friends). You pilot your rover in fits and starts by flicking it, and you win the game when you recover all the space rocks and all the astronau-

Oh what do you mean that’s too hard

Um okay

You win the game when you recover all the space rocks or all the astro-

Wait still too hard?

Jeeze okay

You win the game IF you recover A space rock or AN Astronaut!

Wobbegong-12 is game for up to six players. It’s built to allow a variety of player types to participate, with extra rules and cards to enable players who aren’t able to get up and run around the table.

A game of Wobbegong-12 takes maybe two to three minutes.


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Additional information

Weight83 g
Dimensions98 × 74 × 18 mm
Recommended Age

Game Type

Complete Game

No. of Cards






Print and Play, Physical


AU stock, Digital only, US POD (DriveThru Cards)


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