Café Romantica


It’s tough starting a new school club. But if you don’t build a paradise full of beautiful boys in fancy uniforms, then who will?

Build your club, roll your dice, and recruit handsome hosts with a winning mix of personalities. It’s time to shine!

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Café Romantica is a builder game for two to four players where you manage the recruitment and strategy of your little host club in an attempt to have the best club in the whole school!

  •  An exciting builder game where you can choose what you want to roll!
  • A theme of watching beautiful boys doing things excellently!
  • Build a broad club of dozens of hosts, or deepen your bond with just one or two!
  • Play a variety of different managers, pursue your own agendas!
  • Super simple gameplay! Roll a die, see what your club does, and bid to be first to recruit!

A copy of Café Romantica comes with 120 cards in a cardboard tuckbox.

To play Café Romantica, each player will need at least one six-sided die (a ‘d6’), and a clear space to lay out cards representing their club. The central deck needs to be easy for everybody to reach, players should be able to examine players’ cards when necessary. As always: remember to respect the players and their needs.

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Weight286 g
Dimensions100 × 74 × 48 mm
Recommended Age

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Complete Game

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