Murder Most Fowl

Murder Most Fowl card game title

“Ah, inspector, are you here to ask about the accident?”
“Not at all – you see, I believe this was no accident. This… was murder.”

In MURDER MOST FOWL you and up to three of your friends assume the role of British birders loose on a common on a lovely sunny day to try and construct the most prizeworthy book full of bird pictures, representing your excellence at birdwatching. Collect an array of Piptits, Grushes, Runceys and Wardlurs, while casting obstacles in the path of your friends, all in good-natured spirit of competition.

Just be careful, because if pushed too far, someone may decide the best way to win the bird-watching competition is through Murder Most Fowl.

Official Release Date: November 0, 2016

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  1. Alan Saunders

    When a Wile is used to Swap a card, what happens to the bird card that’s been swapped out? Is it just discarded? and, if so, to where?

    1. Talen

      You put the wile in your path – then swap it with a bird from someone else’s. So you get to put your wile in their path and their bird in yours!

  2. Alan Saunders

    Also, when you draw from a discard pile, does it have to be the top card, or can it be any discarded card in any player’s pile?

    1. Talen

      Top cards of discard piles only!

  3. Alan Saunders

    Thank you!


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