There’s not really a night any more, just like there’s not really a day. There’s just a now, and the endless cycling of machines that tell us when to meet with who and where. We are the people existing here, under the overlapping influence of two great powers, stranded between the Corporations.

We’re the Middleware.

Middleware is a cooperative cyberpunk deck-building game where you and your friends are trying to hack, assault, overload and manipulate your way into the monstrous servers of two overlapping corporate supercomputers, and seize control of your own existence. Fail, and you risk being trapped in the system forever.

  • Choose one of four unique characters, each with their own struggles and objectives.
  • Organise daring raids on corporate supercomputers that become more dangerous the closer you get to winning.
  • Build your resources to cram your deck full of your favourite tactics.
  • Bring yourself and up to three friends. Work together to smash the servers!
  • Build up massive debt to buy powerful cards – you can always pay your upkeep next turn. What’s the worst that could happen?
  • Enough neon to choke a cyborg.