Lily × Blade

The many prestigious high schools of Jordan Ketch Prefecture feature countless clubs for proper young ladies. A girl can try her hand at nearly anything, from flower arranging to water polo.

What they don’t offer is swordplay – but that’s about to change.

Rules are drawn up. Blades cross in secret. And special badges now identify  those girls ready to duel any place, any time…

Lily × Blade is a two-player, player-versus-player card game with simple rules and a whole lot of bluffing.

  • Choose your tactics, then fool your rival so she plays right into your hands!
  • Capture your rival’s cards to limit her options and press the advantage.
  • Each duelist has a unique personality and abilities – choose your favourite and ensure her ultimate victory!


Lily × Blade is available in two “expandalone” style sets, each with its own duellists – all characters are compatible with one another. You can buy the Primary or Secondary wheels, or combine both into the Full Spectrum, bundle!

Primary Wheel

This set contains 18-card decks for three individual duelists:

  • Saffi (Yellow): Earnest and hardworking, talented newcomer Saffi is dedicated to honourable attacks, determined to rely on skill rather than subterfuge.
  • Rose (Red): Calm and ladylike, school captain Rose specialises in making herself an impossible target, evading attacks with delicate grace.
  • Neela (Blue): Clever and charming, cool big sister Neela specialises in drawing her rivals into a false sense of security with her sharp wit and easy grin.

Secondary Wheel

This set contains 18-card decks for three individual duelists:

  • Chloe (Green): Aggressive and confident, rough-edged Chloe specialises in overwhelming her rivals with sheer brute strength.
  • Ginny (Orange): Smart and creative, geeky Ginny specialises in a careful, patient defence that exploits her rival’s every mistake.
  • Yolanda (Purple): Elegant and inscrutable, princely crossdresser Yolanda relies on keeping her rivals off guard at all times, her performance and tactics completely unreadable.