Lily X Blade Rules

Lily X Blade rulebook title

Have at Thee!

Before the duel begins, each player chooses a character and places all cards of that colour into her deck. Set the other cards aside.

Playing a Bout

  1. Each player draws five cards from her deck.
  2. Each player chooses a card to represent the tactic she’ll use, and plays it face down. Cunning duellists can try to bluff their opponent to gain an advantage!
  3. When you’re both ready, flip your chosen cards to find out who wins the bout. Attacking beats a Taunt, Taunting beats a Defence, and Defending beats an Attack.
Diagram showing Lily X Blade's round resolution: Defence beats Attack, Attack beats Taunt, and Taunt beats Defence
The Lily X Blade action resolution
  1. If the cards match, it’s a draw—nobody scores this round.
    Some cards also have special rules, which are resolved now.
  2. The player who won the bout scores the card her opponent played. Remove it from that player’s deck and set it aside.
  3. Each player puts her remaining hand (and the card she played, if it wasn’t scored) into her discard pile. Time for another bout!

If a player runs out of cards to draw, she shuffles her discard pile into her deck.


The first person to score five points from her opponent wins the duel!


Lily x Blade © 2015 Invincible Ink
Game Design: Talen Lee
Art/Visual Design: Fox Lee
Creative Commons Icons: Willdabeast & Lorc

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