Burning Daylight

An Example of Gangers

It was a long time ago—they call it the Sunwipe. Some say the sun did something, wrecked the sky. Some say it was a bomb, blew up the very idea of civilisation. Whatever it was, that was then, and this is now.

There used to be a world of thinking machines and excess. They ignored the warnings about the world they were changing, and, well, people died. There were wars. Lots of hardware got built to hold on to what was left. And then there weren’t enough people to do or make the things, and the land started to take over. The world became a place of forests.

And then the forests started to change.

The old texts talk about playing in the sun, which is madness. Midday sun is so hot and the air burns so hot that direct sunlight can kill ya. You have to know how to survive, out in the shade, move in the night, treat burns. You gotta know how to take care of one another.

In the remains of what was, the City happened. It rose with its message that the world was scary, the world was ugly, the forest was terrible, and anything they did to preserve the city was alright. Out in the woods, the cults worshipping the sun and the stones learned how to survive in their own way.

And wedged between them both—between the technology of yesterday and abandoning everything, there’s us. The gangs, in the abandoned, overgrown remains of ‘malls’ and ‘suburbs.’

And we’re using our days as best we can.

An Example of Gangers

Set in a post-apocalyptic junk-powered midland between the powerful dystopian city and the chaotic outlands of the Forest, Burning Daylight is a strategic hand management game for 2-5 players. Instead of managing an entire deck of shuffled cards, you have only one hand of cards, spending cards out of it and getting them back later. The game is tactical and precise, where you have to make decisions carefully at the start of your turn and then see how those decisions play out.

An Example of Gangers

The city isn’t content to leave you and your gangers alone, though. You’re going to find as you chase up new ends, explore your options and try to race to establish your gang as the top dog in the area, that the City is cracking down. Choices have to be made about what is or isn’t worth trying for, and a badly timed sweep could ruin your entire plan.


Burning Daylight requires players who can read the rules on the cards in their hand. Players will need to be able to track their cards from turn to turn. While mission cards have a lot of text on them, none of it is essential to play the game—you just need to be able to see the symbols for each mission. However, the rules for your gang can be pretty complicated and you’ll get the best out of the game if you can keep straight how they work.

And always: Remember to respect the players and their needs.

Game Details

Release Date2018-03-13
TypeCard Game
ScopeComplete Game Standalone Game
SizeMedium Box (30-72 cards)
MechanicsResource Management Team Building
OppositionPlayer versus Player PVP
Players2 players, 3 players, 4 players 5 players
AgesTeenagers and Up
TagsMany Characters, Post-Apocalyptic Sc-Fi