The Suits

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Hitting a casino is no small job, you know. There’s security, there’s people in the place, they don’t shut, they’re set up like mazes, they got locks, they got cameras, they got lasers, they got everything you could imagine and a few things you almost certainly can’t. And when the casino gets weird, the security gets weirder. The Betton’s a casino on a bullet train, and because of that, they have to account for every chip in motion, in cash, in their vault – a vault that thanks to our mysterious benefactor, The Dealer, we can just walk in and take. Then the only question becomes how do we get out?

The Suits is a cooperative-competitive, single-session tabletop roleplaying game, modelled in style after thief movies like Ocean’s Eleven, with a little extra dash of mistrust thrown into the mix.

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Players take on the role of a crew of crooks, each one a seasoned gangster in their own right, who’s in Macau for their own reasons, called in by the mysterious fixer The Dealer to take a single opportunity to hit the casino vault on The Betton bullet train. Complicating this, though, is that the crew have been pulled from two other gangs – the Reds and the Blacks – and those prior loyalties play into how they’re going to divide up The Loot at the end.

The Suits is a diceless game for three to nine players. You don’t need dice or supplemental rulebooks to play The Suits – just a deck of classical playing cards (with Jokers, for convenience), and a handful of counters like some small change or some matches.

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In most roleplaying games, there’s a certain mystique about running the story, setting aside the position of storyteller, or dungeon ‘master.’ In The Suits, this is a role that passes around the table, where every player gets to experience a bit of the challenges of being in charge of the story, and everyone gets to contribute their ideas to the kind of hazards that you find escaping the Betton casino train. If you’ve never run a game, this is a way to get a feel for what it’s like, without needing to invest a lot of time in something that might not work!

Players don’t have to concoct the scenario out of nothing, though – every carriage on the train brings text prompts for players to work with as a source of inspiration for the Problems the crew are going to deal with.

Official Release Date: June 14, 2016