Get rich, trip your friends. Trick-taking thief-and-dragon pursuit!

SKULK is a tactical multiplayer board game for 2-5 players, where each of you is playing a thief, in the lair of a dragon. Except you’re also all controlling the dragon, too!

SKULK is a game of knowing when to push your luck, when to be cautious, and sometimes, it’s about grabbing an armful of gold and getting out fast.

Each turn you’ll play a card, showing how greedy you’re going to be—are you going to take longer, do more, and try to take advantage of that? Or are you going to try and get in first and be content with a little? Because the greediest players don’t get to control the dragon—and that can get you pinned in a corner!

  • Be a thief! Steal things from the dragon!
  • Be a dragon! Eat those other thieves!
  • Tripping your friends optional!

Official Release Date: September 7, 2017

Want to Buy Skulk?

Because it’s a board game with token components, you won’t normally be able to buy it from us directly. Instead, you can buy SKULK at The Game Crafter as a professionally-produced print on demand game!