Queer Coding

Queer Coding Card Game Cover Image

We all work ourselves out in different ways. Some of us look to media, some of us look to creating and some of us look to learning and advancing education. Some of us even look to work ourselves out by playing games.

A swirl

Queer Coding is a multiplayer cooperative communication game. Designed for queer cons as an icebreaker or a way to get to know people better, Queer Coding takes about ten minutes to play for a group between three and five people.

  • Group-Accessible
  • A potential puzzle with rules making it easier
  • Sparkles!
A Swirl

Queer Coding comes with 5 players’ worth of cards and two facing cards.

Queer Coding requires no special extra components, just a place to play and people to play it with. Players will need to hold their cards where others can see them but they can’t, so it might not be good for people with limited grip/hand ability.

A Swirl

Despite its aggressively pastel and rainbow aesthetic, there is nothing explicitly adult in the game or its rules and it is safe for kids to play. If your kids need the word ‘queer’ explained to them, that’s probably your job as a parent.