LFG – Looking For Group

LFG - Lookinf For Group title card

We need a tank, a support, and a damage dealer for this quest, and what we do isn’t as important as who we step on on the way out the door!

LFG – Looking For Group is a drafting card game for 2-7 players about assembling a party of adventurers to go take on some immense quest! The problem is, all your adventurers are dysfunctional dorks!

  • A simultaneous-play fast-paced drafting game that handles groups of all sizes!
  • Customisable setups so you can choose what kinds of games you like best!
  • Adorable chibi art and a heroic dog!

A copy of LFG – Looking For Group comes with 46 cards, two of each in a cardboard tuckbox. It can be played as two copies of for two groups, or as one big deck for a larger group, too.

To play LFG – Looking For Group, players will need a clear space to lay out cards representing their party. As always: remember to respect the players and their needs.