Good Cop, Bear Cop

In this town, there are two types of cops; crooked cops, or bears. And bears aren’t allowed to be cops.

Example Investigation Cards!

GOOD COP, BEAR COP, is a hidden-identity social deduction game where each player is a cop trying to do their job, except some of you are doing your job while also being bears.

In GOOD COP, BEAR COP, players are assigned a secret role – either a noble, reliable bear, or a not-bear. Not-bears, however, are each competing for their own ends – opportunities to be lazy, to make money, or to do gardening!

Example Investigation Cards!
  • A kid-friendlier version of a social deduction game!
  • Player agency: Each player gets at least one chance to sabotage other players, based on their reading of the player.
  • Bears!
Example Case Cards!

GOOD COP, BEAR COP comes with 50 game cards:

  • A lead detective card
  • A duty officer card
  • 10 identity cards
  • 10 voting cards
  • 18 case cards
  • 10 investigation cards

These cards all come in a single tight tuck box.

Example Voting Cards!

To play GOOD COP, BEAR COP, players don’t need to be able to read, but they will need some common play space. Play benefits from communication and conversation, but nobody is required to state lies if they aren’t comfortable doing it.

Official Release Date: September 10, 2017