What’s… THE SUITS?

Here at Invincible Ink we’d like to announce the launch of another of our games, The Suits! Created as a university project and then refined further after we’d already gotten our marks, The Suits is a cooperative-competitive card game you can play with a deck of typical playing cards and a handful of coins, where everyone is a stylish crime-committing thief lady here to clean out the vault of a casino on a high speed bullet train! Interested? You can get all of this for $10, here, on DriveThruRPG!

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If you’d like a little more detail, though…

The Suits is an introductory roleplaying game. While we were making it, there were plenty of conflicting factors – not the least of which was the amount of time we had to work with. At first we wanted to make a unique deck game, with cards we’d make art for. Then we started on the betting, gambling theme – and that became more complicated, so we scaled the project back. By the end of the project, we had a very tight, very clear idea of what we wanted it to be, and that resulted in this game about stylish women heisting while trying to work out who works for what gang so they can all walk out with the money for themselves.

The main technological element of The Suits is that the story runner – the Scout – passes from player to player. It means everyone takes a turn determining the story for a bit, but nobody has to shoulder the whole thing. I liked this idea a lot in practice, as it meant newcomers to gaming were able to experience a very light bit of story-running, without being left totally adrift and responsible for everyone‘s fun.

So that’s The Suits! Please, if you like the sound of it, or the style – consider buying it!

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