Nobeard’s Treasure

Nobeard's Treasure title card

Avast! Are ye ready for some BOOK-KEEPING?

The great and mysterious pirate Captain Nobeard has decided they want to call it quits and stop making hay on the high seas! On the windiest day of the season, they took their great treasure map, and tore it into sections, throwing them high in the sky – and you’re one of the people who caught a piece of it that shows X Marks the spot! Now it’s up to you to put the map together and try and get an edge on the race to that treasure!

  • Fast to play!
  • Minimal shuffling!
  • No reading required!
  • Build a treasure map!

To play Nobeard’s Treasure, you need some table space, and need to be able to count to twenty. Players do not need to communicate complicated ideas with one another, and it can be played quietly.

And always: Remember to respect the players and their needs.

Nobeard's Treasure preview

Official Release Date: December 1, 2017

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Nobeard’s Fortress is also available in the Invincible Ink 2017 Family Fun Bundle!


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