Middleware – Alter Access

There’s been movement at the stations,
for the word has passed around, that
back doors and zero days have gone away…

If you’re a seasoned Middleware runner, odds are good you’re used to the servers. They’re approachable. They’re familiar. They’re easy. That’s good, that’s good, that indicates you know how to play the game. The bad news?

the corporations know how to play too

The ALTER ACCESS expansion for Middleware is a server expansion that gives you 20 new Server cards that massively expand the threat represented by the server deck for you and your friends to run against.

This is an expansion for the game Middleware, and requires a copy of Middleware to play.

Middleware: Harder Hax Promo Banner

Official Release Date: May 29, 2016

Want to Buy Middleware: Alter Access?

You can now buy our card games directly from this website! If you want to avoid postage costs or try our games out in person, you can also catch us on the convention circuit.

For international customers, you may prefer to buy print-on-demand via DriveThruCards (the same printer we use for our local stock). You can buy Alter Access at DriveThruCards as a professionally printed card deck.

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