Grey Goo

Congratulations on your purchase of a lovable culture of JEB-D Brand Grey Goo Nanobots! These exciting little digitised reproducers are always an educational treat to watch in action!

Grey Goo is a board game playable with conventional D6es and a chess or checker board, where you and your opponent play a replicating colony of nanobots, seeking to control enough of the medium you’re both growing in to take over the cell!

Official Release Date: September 6, 2016

Want to Buy Grey Goo?

You can now buy our games directly from this website! You can choose either the original Pay-What-You-Want download of Grey Goo, or the physical edition with laminated board and set of 16 dice. If you want to avoid postage costs or try our games out in person, you can also catch us on the convention circuit.

The digital version of Grey Goo is still a pay-what-you-want title! Feel free to download, enjoy, and share with your friends!

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