Dark Signs

Speak The Name

End The World

And lo I woke again, from that fitful slumber that had its grasp upon my very flesh, the dread weight rolled off my chest and my hands no longer bound by their paralysis, yet I could not for a moment rejoice. There it was, that profane word laying in my mouth, wanting to be said, desperate to be spoken aloud, and in that twilight moment of panic between the bed and the waking world I struggled to not do what every fiber of my body sought to do, to spit this sound free of my flesh in the hopes I might yet no longer feel it within myself, no longer feel what it meant to be the mortal plaything whose dreams were the playground of these foul things that turned the stars to their whims. I thrashed, I groaned, and yet as I sat, it rose as if unbidden from my throat, casting its black words into the room around me:

Names of The Beyond

I gasped, and fell prone from the bed to the floor, wondering what sleep even felt like any more. They were coming. They were closer.

Dark Signs is a area-control hand management card game for two to four Terrible Outsider Entities that seek to warp and bend the mind of a lone mortal vessel and invoke upon that pitiful soul the unholy and unnatural syllables of their name. Every night, the Outsiders visit a nightmare upon this mortal, and every night, the mortal wakes with a word on their lips, closer, closer, ever closer to speaking the profane and unnatural name of one of the Outsiders, drawing them to this world, letting them through the spaces and bringing about the end of all mortal instrument.

Official Release Date: October 1, 2016

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