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C-QNS is an abstract strategy game, where every card you place presents your opponents with opportunities! You’re trying to get rid of your cards by laying out combos of connected numbers, but what you don’t use, your opponents can! Designed to teach patterns and numbers, C-QNS is a great family game designed to be accessible and fast!

  • Small, separate decks
  • Emergent strategies
  • Combo out to win!

To play C-QNS, you need some open space and an ability to count to five. There’s no need to communicate complicated ideas or specific actions.

And always: Remember to respect the players and their needs.

C-QNS preview

Official Release Date: December 1, 2017

Want to Buy C-QNS?

You can now buy our card games directly from this website! If you want to avoid postage costs or try our games out in person, you can also catch us on the convention circuit.

For international customers, you may prefer to buy print-on-demand via DriveThruCards (the same printer we use for our local stock). You can buy C-QNS at DriveThruCards as a professionally printed card deck.

C-QNS is also available in the Invincible Ink 2017 Family Fun Bundle!


Already bought C-QNS? Download the latest revision of the C-QNS rulebook. You can also follow us to receive notifications of rules updates!

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