The July Development Blitz!

I don’t know if you’ve been following me on Twitter (don’t go to Twitter, it’s a silly place), but this past month I have been, to say the least, pretty busy. I don’t like building hype for games that aren’t really available to buy just yet, but here’s a quick newsy rundown for what this past month has featured:

Game In Progress: Ruck

Recently I made a game based on a little math puzzle overnight. What came out of it is Ruck, a little game of fighting with symbols and numbers and rolling dice with a deck of cards. Ruck isn’t really good to go – it’s a game that needs time to cook, to be sure it’s fun. But it’s interesting, and I wanted to let you know about it because it’s important, I feel, to communicate about the things that maybe don’t work as well as the things that do. Here, have a look at it!

It maybe that nothing comes of this. But I’m still really happy I made this and I can appreciate the things I’ve learned from making this game’s assets.

Game In Progress: Sector 86

First of all, we have a push-your-luck big deck game modelled after using mechanics from blackjack of all things to represent managing and running your own little spaceport. The game’s release date isn’t quite for sure yet, but because we’ve been able to build up a good log of games ahead of time, this game gets to spend a lot of time being refined. Here, have a peek at some of the cards:

Keep an eye out for this one!

Game In Progress: Good Cop, Bear Cop

On the other hand here’s a game that’s definitely on the way:

I’ve been gnawing away at Good Cop, Bear Cop for a few months now! It was thanks to a fairly recent exercise dissecting three other hidden identity games for describing them to class that really pushed me into seeing a way to pull all the parts together. No spoilers about how it works just yet, but check out this Very Cute game of Corrupt Cops and Noble Bears.

Game In Progress: Pushpins

Last year around this time I made a pay-what-you-want deck game, Simon’s Schism which is being played in Venezuala (which is still supremely cool). I had a recent idea for a game that’s just odd enough that I figure it’ll make a good print-and-play game for people who wanna play silly games with string and pins. Here, have another preview:


Features In Progress: Kickstarter!

Finally, here’s something I’ve been beavering away on thanks to talking to Shannon Kelly of Foxtail Games after the success of Lucidity: Six-Sided Nightmares. I’m a fan (and a backer, disclosure), but we had a really good chat about what you can use Kickstarter for. One thing I’m considering doing is running kickstarters for some of our games with an eye towards getting you, the fans, a chance to buy a game at a reduced rate so I can do a bulk distribution deal. The short of it is: You pay for a game on a kickstarter, and when you do that, you might not have to pay any postage at all, if we get enough people in on it.

Anyway, that was July (and a chunk of June as well). Talk to you next week!

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