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Hook, Line & Sinker

There are times and places like these, all over. Rich people are the typical mark – people so rich they can carry enough cash that they won’t notice if it all goes missing. Casino openings. Art galleries. Presentations of important…
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Freight Expectations

There’s a pair of cities on a little looping shipping lane. Each city is ridiculous, and the goods they demand, to buy and sell, are equally ridiculous. But where ridiculous people spend money, there’s money to be made, and you…
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Domains of Meh

What if they threw a war and nobody was into it? In Domains Of Meh, the great empire is clashing, but nobody, it seems, in any of the warring states, is actually that interested in having a fight. And so,…
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The Roads To Springdell

Springdell is a gentle little town, a little down the road from here. Everyone who passes through here, it seems, is on the way to Springdell. A bit bigger than here, but not by much. Why, says a-plenty that Springdell’s…
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Everyone’s played that classic game of connecting pipes before the water starts to flow. You need to make sure you can get the water from one point to another, urgently juggling pipe sections and keeping an eye on the clock!…
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Burning Daylight

It was a long time ago – they call it the Sunwipe. Some say the sun did something, wrecked the sky. Some say it was a bomb, blew up the very idea of civilisation. Whatever it was, that was then,…
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Winston’s Archive

We’re not sure who Winston is, but they left behind a great big pile of unsorted books. Thankfully, in this library, there are always archivists looking to sort things out, and someone’s already gone through this big stack to label…
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Yes Chef!

Yes Chef! title card

The customers don’t know what they want! The chef doesn’t know what to make! You don’t know what’s coming! Try and keep up! You’re trying to collect satisfied customers. You do this by matching a customer card in your hand…
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Nobeard’s Treasure

Nobeard's Treasure title card

Avast! Are ye ready for some BOOK-KEEPING? The great and mysterious pirate Captain Nobeard has decided they want to call it quits and stop making hay on the high seas! On the windiest day of the season, they took their…
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