New Release: Queer Coding!

So I have fallen out of the habit of giving these games little blog post announcements of late because as Satre said, “h*ck is other people’s CMS setups,” but I wanted to make a short post about the release of Queer Coding.

Queer Coding was a game I made way back in March and held off on releasing because I wasn’t planning on selling it online at all. The idea was that it would be a game to take to one convention, GaymerX Australia, and maybe if it didn’t sell, we’d give copies away at the end. Who knew.

See, the thing with Queer Coding isn’t that it’s a super deep game or anything but that I realised, as I lined up my sales for GaymerX, the products I wanted to share, that while queerness ran through them, while it informed the way I wanted my games to be seen, there really wasn’t anything that really was obviously, evidently clear about being, as it were, a Queer Product. And so, I present to you, a card game that vomits rainbows and gives reassuring messages to queer people about kindness as they play it.

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