Comic-Gong Aftermath!

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Hi there, everyone! Did you have fun at Comic-Gong? We did. We’re just packing down and wanted to share some stuff about what happened, and what might be coming up!

First of all, wow, thank you so much for your support! One of the things with having a huge library of games for sale, is that it’s actually kinda tricky to show people all of what we have and let them browse and test them at their leisure. This means that some conventions, some games don’t move and the focus sales are on the newest stuff. It’s okay, we have a big catalogue of games and we’ve got to get better at sharing them with you. This convention, we saw sales of some niche games, like CQNS, Queer Coding, Pie Crimes, and Jiāngjú! That’s super cool!

Second, oh my goodness, you were so into our bookmarks, stickers and badges! it was super good to see all the people stopping by for those and we love how enthusiastic you were for our art! It’s super heartwarming to hear people talk about the things we make that you care about, and to connect with all these stories of people from what they love in their work. It was the first year we got to give the games and the art their own tables, which was a huge boon and let people really see the full landscape of interesting art we had!

Third, we were able to compact our inventory! That is, uh, we’re now storing less stuff, in a better way, and part of that means making nice cardboard boxes for games. With that in mind, we’re trying to move the last of our old inventory of unboxed games, which might mean we’ll be selling some of our games for less. Watch this space!

Either way, we had a lot of fun, it was a great day, and thank you so much for showing up and checking out our stuff!

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