Cancon wrap-up

Hello all! I just thought I’d shoot a quick hello to anybody who’s joining us after Cancon 2019 weekend. We had a fantastic time getting to me a chat with you all, share our games and ideas, and of course check out what other creators had to offer.

If you’re reading this on Facebook, I should let you know that our presence here is fairly limited—it’s not our favourite social media platform! It should be fine, but if you have a time-sensitive question it’s best to contact us through our website ( or directly at

With that out of the way, we hope you’ll stay tuned for exciting new developments in the upcoming months. We have multiple new games releasing soon, as well as the “Not Too Familiar” dungeon monster standees many of you admired over the weekend! After speaking with you, we’ll be making them available in battlemap scale as well as the larger scale you saw on our prototypes. We’re excited! 😀

Anyway, thanks for joining us! We hope you’ll continue to enjoy our work going forward.

— Fox & Talen

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