There’s not really a night any more, just like there’s not really a day. There’s just a now, and the endless cycling of machines that tell us when to meet with who and where. We are the people existing here, under the overlapping influence of two great powers, stranded between the Corporations.

We’re the Middleware.

Middleware is a cooperative cyberpunk deck-building game where you and your friends are trying to hack, assault, overload and manipulate your way into the monstrous servers of two overlapping corporate supercomputers, and seize control of your own existence. Fail, and you risk being trapped in the system forever.


  • Choose one of four unique characters, each with their own struggles and objectives.
  • Organise daring raids on corporate supercomputers that become more dangerous the closer you get to winning.
  • Build your resources to cram your deck full of your favourite tactics.
  • Bring yourself and up to three friends. Work together to smash the servers!
  • Build up massive debt to buy powerful cards – you can always pay your upkeep next turn. What’s the worst that could happen?
  • Enough neon to choke a cyborg.


Official Release Date: December 19 2015

Want to Buy Middleware?

You can now buy our card games directly from this website! If you want to avoid postage costs or try our games out in person, you can also catch us on the convention circuit.

For international customers, you may prefer to buy print-on-demand via DriveThruCards (the same printer we use for our local stock). You can buy Middleware at DriveThruCards as a professionally printed card deck.


Already bought Middleware? Download the latest revision of the Middleware rulebook. You can also follow  us to receive notifications of rules updates!

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  1. Robert Hill

    I have a rules question.
    If a card has a raid value and a money value can you use that card to raid and buy cards on the same turn.
    I feel that we are doing something wrong as the game seems WAYYYY to easy to win. We have not added any server cards above 7 yet,though,so we are going to try that in the near future.

    1. Talen Lee

      Yeah, you can use both. And you are absolutely right, it’s super easy to win Middleware if you’re familiar with the genre. It’s riskier in the early game for smaller groups of players (2-3).

      If you’re finding it particularly easy, there’s a rules hack that each server layer has a base value of 5 and the number on them represents extra server strength.

  2. Andre

    Hi team,

    I am interested in purchasing Middleware and its expansion direct from you. Can you please tell me how much it will be including shipping to Sydney Australia? Please email me on the email provided.


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